Welcome to the Sceap Tome

Welcome to the Sceap’s Tome, a log and repository of comments to do with my life and writing.

It will be perhaps a different format than many blogs. I’ll possibly post comments made for the MA in Writing at Birmingham City University. as well as shorts created as a by-product of the various modules. You will certainly see links to other’s blogs as I have been really impressed with the quality of writing by those taking the MA. It may even include snippets from books, leaflets and complete stories and articles.  There will be articles and comments on Pain Management and Disability too, as it is central to my life.  I may even post shorts and comments on the Protected Worlds universe as featured in my articles in Seaxe Magazine.

I may even post some photos of Dartmoor as it is beautiful and dear to us.

(This blog replaces the Sceap Tome used by Sceaptune Games roleplaying and gaming site. Whilst Games Design is fun (as is teaching singing and voice) it is just not providing the income we need.  So, this must move on.)

For now, there is work to do, so have fun, if you can, and always take care of yourself.


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