New drugs, old responses….

I’ve just been put on Pregabelin, a drug to treat nerve pain as well as a range of other issues. My surgeon thought we might try it as further surgery is not possible.  It’s a drug that requires you to gradually increase the dose until you find a level that works. Unfortunately, it, like it’s predecessor Gabapentin, may also produce side effects.  At each increase, in me, side effects kick in and take a few days to subside.

I’ve been on Gabapentin a few years back.  It was, frankly, a daily nightmare.  I ended up on the maximum dose before any effects were felt but, at that dose, I was a zombie.  I caroomed from wall to wall, negotiating my way through doorways by smashing into them with my shoulders, and was generally unable to remember anything, recall anything, or even be understood.  As to knowing where I was and where to go… forget it.

So, I have some concerns about it’s successor.  After the third increase I am still feeling dizzy, really spaced out and finding I misplace words – if this blog entry is difficult to understand, do mention it and, when I am in a normal frame of reference, I’ll modify it.  Memory is also a problem. The trouble is that pain is also still a problem – every key-press a shard of sharpened ivory stabbing through my finger nails.

That means going up a step next week, and then the week after.  I try to time it so it doesn’t interfere but I may have to delay driving up to Birmingham or even (heaven forbid) catch the train.  The good thing is that I managed to structure my main assignment before the upgrade kicked in, so at least the empty mind doesn’t have to work on anything.

Distraction is what’s needed.  A film, a game (if I can play sensibly), or something similar as concentrating on a book is impossible,  Thank goodness I only have one left – A Wolf in Hindelheim.

See you when I can concentrate again. 🙂

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