A story of our village…

On the virtual kitchen workbench at the moment is the 2nd edition of the Shipton Bellinger village history.  First produced in 1984 it was the output of the Village History Society and was intended for private circulation, to villagers only.  The society no longer exists but passed on the baton to the village website to keep the history going.  It was hope that a subsequent print could be made of teh original document, perhaps updated.

The principal authors and editors of the first edition, Sam Hart and Jean Hinde, have now died.  However, given the village links to the military in WWI, 1914 seems a good year to finally put it out, in kindle and other formats, too.  All the original text was scanned for the village website but the maps and photo’s presented a problem: some cannot be reproduced without violating copyright and others are just too far gone to make any sense of them.

So I’ve been collecting images from people to rescan and put into electronic format.  Postcards sent from the Anzacs who stayed in the area keep popping up, mostly from their relatives in Australia (!).  These postcards are an invaluable link to the past, showing what the village was really like over 100 years ago.

There are additions to be made to the history.  I’ve been given all sorts of information, some of which duplicates the original data. Much is not reproducible in full so will have to be referenced; other information is fragmentary, snippets from letters. Putting this into a coherent account is proving a challenging task… I have to take care with my management.

But it will go out through Sceaptune Publishing.  Perhaps something will be ready by the village fete this year.  It is something Jean and Sam would have been delighted to see.The cover to the 1st edition of the Shipton Bellinger village history

The cover to the 1st edition of the Shipton Bellinger village history

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