I am therefore I write

BCU Anthology cover 2014

The BCU School of English anthology 2014

The anthology recently released from BCU English School with contributions from students (PhD to BA) and a couple of lecturers. It has varied content: the script for a short TV drama, poetry, short stories, haiku (I particularly liked those) as well as the ‘100’ short I mentioned earlier. I don’t think it will be available other than through BCU School of English, though a number of copies were available on the night and it has an ISBN suggesting general availability.

As I mentioned on Facebook – it was a good evening with R J Ellory particularly impressive in his lecture on writing. It helped that the upshot of his talk, for him, was ‘I am therefore I write’, and for us it was encouraging in that he spoke of his 22 unpublished novels that are sitting in his attic and which will never see the light of day. There is hope as I merely have three in my own attic.

Books from the BCU summer show award for screenwriting, shared with Nafisa Muhtadi.

Books from the BCU summer show award for screenwriting.

Apart from some readings (I read ‘100’, a few others read their contributions) there were also a number of awards given out for work on the MA. I was totally surprised – delighted – to share the screenwriting prize with the worthy Nafisa Muhtadi.  As I mentioned on Facebook, Nicky Tate also won an award or two and a couple of others were given out for stage plays. Apart from RJ Ellory’s latest book, ‘Carnival of Shadows’ (which I am quite enjoying, to be honest) we also had a Watersontes voucher which I spent on ‘Blitz Families’ and ‘When the children came home’ – both books on the effects of evacuation on others or at other times.

Yes, there is a project concerned with evacuees, at the moment!

Feels like school prizegiving, again.  Not that I ever got any awards at secondary school!


3 thoughts on “I am therefore I write

  1. Have you read the foreword of the anthology by Anna? We (the editors) nearly peed our pants with excitement when we first read it. I hope all the writers take pride in it because Anna read all the entries before writing it.

    • Yeah, I did – and thought it was really appropriate. I noted she actually seemed to have read everything, too. I was amused to see your casio make an appearance, as well. 🙂

      • Heh. Ben was in charge of the poetry entries and my casio keyboard got his seal of approval (which was no mean feat cos he was rather picky!).

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