Progress and pregabalin

The pregabalin experiment continues: I’ve switched from 300mg 2pd (twice per day) to 200mg 3pd (which kept me in a more-or-less permanent hazy state in which I injured my foot), then to 100-100-200mg (which ended being ineffective BUT which gave me considerably more acuity). With the 200’s, I’m now wondering if I didn’t fail with my reviews last term due to being on pregabalin.

I’m now on 150mg 3pd as an experiment. I’m not sure they’re working, either, but it may be too early to tell.  I’ll keep those interested up to date.

On the kitchen bench, though, things have been going apace….

Progress in the Kitchen


BBC Writer’s Room, Scriptroom 7 for a sample children’s series based at the outbreak of WW2. Child evacuees from a threatened city are evacuted to the countryside and find things very, very different, as well as somewhat overcrowded.  I enjoyed the research, as ever, so this certainly wasn’t a waste of time (are submissions ever wasted, I wonder) as I also found out that children from Portsmouth were evacuated to near me.  Moreover, it turned out my mother was christened where my aunts and an uncle were evac’d: Wilton. Small world. 🙂

The Inter Galactic Medicine Show for a short SF story that was probably too short (approx 7K words, iirc).   The rejection letter was polite, short and inoffensive.  I’ll submit another one.

On the worktop & cooking

First Drop still goes apace. This is the first book in the Star Centurion series of books covering the experiences of (Centurion) Marcus Steadman and (Professor) Marianne Butler amongst the Protected Worlds Star Force. It’s being rolled out to first draft readers and feedback is positive, at least.

A number of Competition and Event Short Stories.   Thresholds is useful, here, as are the feeds from Firstwriter (but see below).  Currently I’m looking at the Orwell Society’s Dystopian Fiction competition, which is for students only, and Solstice Shorts. The reason for doing both is not the prizes (though I am being careful about prizes – see below) but because both interest me: 

  • Orwell’s 1984 is a classic, now part of the GB cultural identity, and I still have shivers down my spine from both the book and the original film. Dystopian fiction is something I might be able to do properly: the current story is sending shivers down Rosemary’s spine, at least.
  • The Solstice shorts is all about reading aloud short stories AND is on the winter solstice. I love the idea and, as you may know, I love voice: performance is key when reading. If you haven’t heard of it, give it a go. Arachne Press, who are running it, are trying some crowdfunding for the event, too – there is a caveat, of course, that I have not, as yet, got to know Arachne Press.


Another batch of Short Story Competition entries.  Posting the name of the competition and the story is almost certainly against the spirit of anonimity, so that’s not yet possible, but I’ll let you know. The variety and discipline has been fun, frankly.  Whilst I understand that some Short Story competitions have to ask an entry fee, some of the fees are, frankly, astronomical considering you are putting so much work in for a gamble at winning.

Everything else is on the shelves, at the moment: focus is key! 

That’s it for now. Have fun. Keep writing. 🙂

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