Winner: 2014 Orwell Society Dystopian Short Story Competition

I received a pair of emails yesterday from the Orwell Society congratulating me on winning their 2014 Dystopian Fiction Short Story Competition. One was from Prof Richard Keeble, the Chairman, and the other a personal note from Richard Blair, the society’s Patron.  These will be treasured!

Given my interest in speculative fiction I am, of course, absolutely delighted.  The competition was open to all UK BA and MA students. The press release that has just gone out includes the following

Winner of the 2014 Orwell Society Dystopian Short Story Competition: Tim Bancroft, of Birmingham City University
The panel particularly admired Tim Bancroft’s story ‘Beyond Reasonable Doubt’ for a number of reasons: there was an intriguing plot, a pleasing economy with language, fast-paced dialogue – and it succeeded in skilfully conveying a sense of a frightening dystopian world where the absurdities of scientific profiling as a way of dealing with the threat of terrorism are wittily exposed. The final twist in the tale (which serves as an ironic comment on current policing strategies) is very effective.

The panel were impressed with the overall high standard of the submissions.

Congratulations to everyone who was commended.  I would have been pleased even to appear beside them on that list.  We will be going to the award ceremony in April.

Something to add to the CV!


2 thoughts on “Winner: 2014 Orwell Society Dystopian Short Story Competition

    • Thanks, muchly – and congrats to you, too, as I mentioned, I would have been pleased to reach the commended list, as well. Will they be publishing the commended list, can you remember? On the competition page it just says ‘two runners-up’ but I would like to read all those who received a commendation.

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