Added another (shorter) story

I’ve added another short story, one that is a bit more experimental in many ways. It’s I fall asleep, only 2,100 words in this instantiation, but has been changed and altered several times, major scenes removed. Reasons for writing it were plentiful: to express the owner’s feelings about their cats and sickness; to attempt an animal PoV without excessive anthropomorphism; to explore the reincarnation/magical cat perspective; to try and lead a reader into suspecting but not being too certain of the PoV character’s construction.

It is easy, I feel, to write something expressing a clearly animal viewpoint from the start. It’s disappointing to the reader, I think, to leave the PoV resolution so difficult to determine until a revelatory sentence right at the end of a story – it means they have to reread it again with a different perspective. I’m not sure this succeeds in what I was trying to do as one reader, at least, enjoyed it but thought it was a straight historic piece: perhaps that reader got something out of it anyway. Other readers picked up on the cat PoV from very early on.

Ultimately, I guess, it’s for the reader to decide.

[Featured Image: Egyptian Mau Cat (C) Andreas Photography,,
Flickr, Creative Commons]

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