Developmental Shorts: The Soul Destroyer

It’s been a difficult week, one in which progress on my MA has been slow. The Shipton Shorts Awards ceremony was at the weekend and, unfortunately, the very helpful lady who was organising the catering had an accident, ending up in hospital. She’s out now, with her arm in a sling, and we were lucky to have plenty of others step in to help (thanks, everyone!) but that, coupled with a number of other hiccups and over-commitment, meant the Pain Management suffered somewhat so pain returned with a vengeance. I am now working hard at recovery and I gave a choir a voice lesson last night – which is great fun – so things will be back on track soon.

More on Shipton Shorts, later, as the evening was good fun and we constructed the bare bones of a potentially quite complex story. And more on the problems associated with reworking a work, too.

For now, though, I felt it was time to air a piece I built earlier this year as an experiment. I have long been an admirer of Louise Tett’s intricate depictions of Alzheimers and dementia involving 3D paper-and-book representations (I hope you can see the example image). Art in the area seems to be shunned, most likely because it is something to be feared – something we all fear. My short art-icle, The Soul Destroyer, is an experimental text-and-image homage to Louise’s art and also a piece honouring my stepmother and mother-in-law, both of whom died from complications due to the identity-sapping diseases.

In The Soul Destroyer, the breakdown of understanding is demonstrated with key concepts being removed by the decaying portions of the brain. However, I feel it lacks some impact due to its lack of physicality compared with Louise’s intricate work. Nonetheless, it was a worthwhile experiment.

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