A busy time…

The MA is coming to an end. I’ve had the last (excellent) tutorial and I am working on the three essays and the final submission. It’s a lot of work, of course, but I can see the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel. Ironically, finishing the MA in Writing means I can focus on writing much more. 🙂

Of course, all this has had to be managed around the inevitable interruptions of the Christmas period, catching some form of virus, seeing The Force Awakens and the exigencies of Pain Management. As I’ve mentioned, sometimes I need to finish something, see an achievement so I wrote a series of fiction for a new SF game on the market, Beyond the Gates of Antares by Rick Priestley and Warlord Games.

I am delighted they accepted the fiction and have started publishing it in bite-sized pieces. The first part is Refurbished, introducing one of the main characters. Of course, there are more pieces in the works but I have really enjoyed writing in a fascinating universe and having feedback from Rick and the guys at Warlord. It’s given me a real boost just when I needed it.

And… I also gave the first of a series of monthly book and market reviews on Emma Delany’s Monday Morning Show at Castledown Radio. Great fun!

I hate New Years resolutions but 2016 is looking promising: I am hoping to get a couple (at least) of SF books finished as well as a number of shorts. Exciting times: I hope your 2016 looks as hopeful.

Have fun, and take care. 🙂


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