MA Graduation…

Monday was my graduation ceremony for the MA in Writing (Distinction) from Birmingham City University. I was in two minds about attending but was persuaded to go and, in the end, was pleased I did so. The graduation ceremony itself was a very fitting and emotional completion to a long, sometimes physically painful, but often interesting and enjoyable process.

I’m not sure about the photographs (the pregabalin had forced by body to put on too much weight – that’s another story) but the ceremony itself was quite fun, though I had to leave before the end due to pain.  In addition to the 300-400 students receiving graduate and post-graduate degrees and diplomas (and doctorates), there was an honorary doctorate awarded to Adil Ray, the creator of Citizen Khan: his speech and introduction were both entertaining and a good commentary.

I probably won;t write much more about the course, but it still runs and I felt it had a more commercial rather than literary focus. If anyone is interested in doing the MA, it’s been renamed Creative Writing, no doubt to keep it in line with many others round the country.

One fascinating fact was watching the gowns: as an MA I had some nice gold edging and a different hood. In colour, though, the doctorates stood out in bright red and gold!


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