The ending before?

It’s happened again: I’ve had to write the ending – the last scene or chapter – before I get there. Whilst I loosely plan out what’s needed, often rough out chapters and sections and use the Mythic Structure as an overall meta-structure, I occasionally write scenes out of sync with the rest of the flow. That’s fine – for me, it works. But I’m regularly writing the last scene way before I get there.

Such an approach can be seen as part of my process – after all, I know where the book is most likely to go so as the story develops that terminating point becomes more and more ‘real’ – or should I say it’s instantiation becomes more solid. At a certain point, it seems that the ending becomes too obvious to me, I see where the story is actually going rather than theoretically heading. At that point, I find that writing that ending helps set the last few stages in mind, it helps clarify exactly what has to happen in the final few chapters.

It doesn’t preclude any changes, of course – I am in control – but having that final scene in mind really helps with the focus of the penultimate scenes. I know where I have to get to, know what has to happen and can logically and cohesively backtrace it from the ending.

For me, it’s a great help, not just in a novel but also in many of the other stories I write.

Have fun writing…

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