Signing: Shards in Exile

I’m delighted to have signed the contract for a full-length science fiction novel for the Beyond the Gates of Antares universe. The current working title is ‘Shards in Exile’, though that may change depending on how the publishers (Winged Hussar) best see fit.

It features two characters from the episodic novelette I’ve already had published: Freeborn Prince Batu Delhren and the isolated Ghar Commander, Shaltok 12-41-9. Both have to deal with Ghar and Freeborn political intrigue as well as the everyday problems faced by those in the Determinate, on the borders of civilised space. More? Batu has an uncomfortable encounter with an insane NuHu and a militaristic drone civilisation whilst Shaltok finds the more he succeeds the more he is perceived as a threat by those close to the Ghar Supreme Commander.

Both find that they only way they can survive in the tempestuous politics of the Antares Determinate is through exile…

Publication date? Next year, some time. Cover? None, yet – that below is just a holding image. I’ll produce updates as it progresses.



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