The Hükk Hunts

As part of my work, I was asked if I could put together a short story to illustrate a new set of models: a deadly bounty hunter, the Hükk.

The Hükk evolved as hunters amidst the mountains and thick forests of their homeworld, developing intelligence to keep others of their kind away and to effectively hunt increasingly more cunning prey. When their planet was opened to the cosmos by the arrival of explorers during the 2nd Age (it is said) of the Antarean Nexus (in the panhuman timeline), they found their cunning was fully appreciated in seeking out a new prey – miscreants, criminals and outlaws of the major, interstellar civilisations.

Hukk-BannerThe twist, though, is that the Hükk is still deadly and has spread across the antarean worldscape. Each Hükk is constantly trying to maintain or increase its hürakh, a replacement for the old territorial instincts. Hürakh is now concerned more with reputation, fame and respect – so a fellow Hükk will keep away! – and can be easily diminished if a particular hunter fails or is even asked to perform a job that is far beneath their capabilities.

Those who hire them can be risking their own lives…

Again, this is serialised. As before, I’ll add each episode as it is released.

Part I: Lead Agent Fen Mahr has a critical task for Ashgherk








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