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Welcome to the Sceap’s Tome, a blog and repository of comments to do with the life and writing of me, Tim Bancroft, MA (Writing).  I am a writer, game designer and grandfather living on the edge of Salisbury Plain, near Stonehenge, in the United Kingdom.  Some might call me disabled as I have a permanent condition that requires Pain Management and which severely affects the quality and shape of my life.

I try and keep an ongoing log of my more recent writing but I’ve not kept track of a lot of older output, most of which was for various publishers in the gaming industry.

My interests? Well, I am fascinated by history, the outdoors, scientific developments, bioethics, disability ethics, science fiction and gaming of various types. I very occasionally give singing lessons for those who think they can’t, if asked, but as I had a nasty vocal fold problem a few years back professional voice use is beyond me so I now focus on being a writer though I help other writers read their work aloud through ‘Writers Reading Aloud‘ workshops.

As there is too much history to go around, I tend to have a broad focus on Greek and Roman history, bits of Byzantium, the Crusades, the Mongols, Celts and Vikings, but also significantly on the heyday of the Age of Sail.  Likewise, I can only keep up on the latest scientific developments and cannot research them all!

That said, the gradual development of the Post/- or Trans/- human fascinates me: already we can have (some form) of relationship with people thousands of miles away that is similar to, but surpasses, the ancient letter relationships and, already, we have almost instant access to answers – all we have to know are the questions. We are slowly moving towards being to comprehensively monitor our health, replace limbs with prosthesis controlled by our brain, and are growing organs and body parts on frameworks. The transition to a Post/Human state is already happening…

Walking is important, though is painful and at times difficult.  But it is a great form of relaxation, too

I have an MA in Writing and have posted comments on the MA I took at Birmingham City University. A few shorts up here created as a by-product of the various modules (and for other reasons). Links to the blogs and pages of other students will keep occurring here as I have been really impressed with the quality of writing by those taking the MA. I studied voice, ethics (mostly bioethics), spirituality and the sociology and diversity of religion at UG level and outside university, never mind about once lecturing in computing.

I have an author’s page on Amazon though it’s pretty empty at the moment, and also have a barely-maintained presence on Facebook.

Reflections on Pain Management are redirected elsewhere and plans are afoot to pull everything together into a book, but reflections and preliminary work may go up here when available.

For now, there is work to do, so have fun, if you can, and always take care of yourself.

Background image from the cover of Hyperlite, The Sirius Treaty  – “Eons of Silence” by Austin Pickrell, Balpreet Lotay with Michael Hinckley.

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