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This is just a small selection of the books I have had published or with which I have been involved, as well as some of the smaller publications. It is, however, in no way complete as I have forgotten many of them! However, up until 2010 they majority are gaming books in some form or another.

2017, Jan-Feb. A few book rejections, but the second and third parts of the The Holiday of a Liftime series. Part 2 deals with a few more details and specifics of the perils of gate travel for the Concord scouting and exploration corps and part 3 outlines typical ships in the Antares universe in Too many stars to count.

Also a two-part series providing a story around the practical aspects of the game: Weapons of the Concord Combined Command Part I and Part II. Warlord’s Richard C. did a good job in mixing in the story with the rules extracts.

2016, November. The first of a short series of articles on Space travel in Beyond the Gates of Antares. There are loads of other articles for Warlord and on my Antares blog (related to the fiction and novel I am writing for the universe) as well as a podcast The Freeborn Shard, but I’ve just not logged them, here. Maybe I should have. 🙂The_Honey_Killer_Cover_for_Kindle

2016, June: ‘The Honey Killer’, A book I started, and then finished, from the MA is available on Kindle and also in paperback.

2016 January to August: After a quiet few months focusing on the MA, I wrote a series of SF shorts leading up to a novellete for  Warlord Games’ and Rick Priestley’s ‘Gates of Antares’ universe: ‘The Claiming of Shamasai’. A search can also be performed on the Warlord site on my name and ‘Antares Fiction’ which gives straightforward links to previous episodes, and they have also been collated into a blog post.

2015 July: Fiction Award from the BCU School of English for my MA.

Alone Together - BCU School of English Anthology 2015

Alone Together – BCU School of English Anthology 2015

2015, July: BCU English School released another anthology of shorts, poetry and script(s). I am pleased that another short story I wrote has been selected, this one an independent response to the course itself: ‘The Etayne Danced for Gryngolet’. ‘Gryngolet’ is the name of Sir Gawain’s horse from ‘Sir Gawain and the Green Knight’. Half-way through the poem, Sir Gawain goes looking for the Green Knight and comes across ‘etaynes’ amongst the ‘knarrez and clitter’ in the fells. This story is intentionally reminiscent of ‘Sir Gawain’ in its prolific use of alliteration.

April 2015: Winner of the Faber Quickfic competition. Some nice books, one of which was used for my MA reflection.

2015: Longlisted for the James White Award 2015. It’s nice getting recognised, even without going further as, years ago, I particularly enjoyed James Whites ‘Sector General’ books and stories.The story is still being presented elsewhere, so I’ll keep it under wraps, for now.

2014: Winner of the 2014 George Orwell Dystopian Fiction Short Story prize for “Beyond Reasonable Doubt”. Prizegiving in April 2015. The story will be published in their newsletter and on the website – I’ll post a link when it’s available. The blog link can be found here.

2014: Shortlisted for the Solstice Shorts festival short story competition.

BCU Anthology cover 2014

The BCU School of English anthology 2014

2014 July: Joint Award for Screenwriting with Nafisa Muhtadi from the BCU School of English for my MA.

2014: BCU English School released an Anthology of shorts, poetry, haiku and script(s) in which ‘100’ was included. ‘100’ is a – perhaps tongue-in-cheek – look at losing weight whilst suffered from a condition that prevents vigorous exercise.


Science Fiction Roleplaying in the 23rd Century

Hyperlite: The Sirius Treaty is a science fiction Roleplaying Game based in the Protected Worlds universe. Here, players take the role of legionnaires in the Protected Worlds Forces of Earth and its colonies. They face primitive and advanced aliens, search for precursor artefacts or precious resources, all armed and equipped only with the ancient and medieval weapons they are permitted under the Sirius Treaty: the Treaty of the Protected Worlds. Breaking the treaty is no laughing matter – it is enforced by the Invigilators, a powerful, neutral force armed and equipped with powerful starships and a nasty attitude.


The Questers Guide to Duck: Sword-and-Sorcery Roleplaying

In the Quester’s Guide to Duck, players take on the role of Qadari – a half-duck, half-human species – and struggle against a fantasy world.  Inspired by the “duck” species in the original Runequest, this was the first book published about Duck and how to roleplay them.  Duck have all sorts of problems, from birthing due to their size and ludicrous appearance.  To say they have developed an attitude towards the world and other species is to call ‘duck a l’orange’ a mildly-flavoured dish. By the way: don’t mention oranges to a Duck.

The books below are a selection of related publications with which some involvement has occurred, either as author, designer, editor or through articles and contributions. This is not a complete list, by any means, as I’ve written numerous shorts for the gaming community.

STG401_120x155 SGRS952_120x154C SGRS951_120x155 SGRS054_120x155

SGRS050_120x155C SGSS001_120x160C STG402_120x155 SGSS002_120x161

ConanAdventures_121x155 IndieCon_117x155 OpenQuest_110x155

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