Long time coming: What’s been cooking?

I’ve been focusing on the MA and Pain Management for the past few months so posts here have been scarce. However, there has been some success, a lot of work done (for me) and a lot in the pipeline. Without more ado….

What’s been Baked

An SF/Dystopian story has been longlisted for the James White Award, which was very nice, as I was wondering if I would be able to repeat the success I had with the Orwell Dystopian Fiction prize.  Given it had this success, I’m pushing the story elsewhere to see what happens. The Hampshire Writer’s Society at the University of Winchester has a large membership and meets monthly. They also run a themed competition each month. As I was able to attend the last meeting I thought I’d enter this month’s competition, for a story based in an exotic location.  With such a large membership (150-200) quality tends to be high, irrespective of the entries received (only 12 this time, I’m afraid) and I was still delighted to come out Highly Commended with the start of something I called ‘The Ochre Trail’. Further, delightfully, I won Faber’s weekly Quickfic flash fiction competition, adding to the success of previous BCU writers who have submitted and either won or become a runner-up. The story can be read on the Faber Academy’s news pages. The ending was particularly appreciated, something I try hard to achieve. Continue reading

BCU Anthology 2015: The Etayne Danced for Gryngolet

A short story has been selected for the Birmingham City University 2015 Anthology: ‘The Etayne Danced for Gryngolet’. Written as a personal (non-coursework) response to ‘Sir Gawain and the Green Knight’, the story tells the tale of Sir Gawain’s encounter with an ‘etayne’ of ‘the fells’ – from the etayne’s point of view.  In addition to reflecting Sir Gawain’s heroic nature, the style of the story intentionally mimics the strong alliteration in ‘Sir Gawain’ so I tend to refer to it as ‘An Alliteration’ rather than a short story.

Delighted to be selected again, of course. 🙂

Winner: 2014 Orwell Society Dystopian Short Story Competition

I received a pair of emails yesterday from the Orwell Society congratulating me on winning their 2014 Dystopian Fiction Short Story Competition. One was from Prof Richard Keeble, the Chairman, and the other a personal note from Richard Blair, the society’s Patron.  These will be treasured!

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