An inspiring afternoon: Kit de Waal

I drove up to BCU this week for an ICCW afternoon session with Kit de Waal and a tutorial for my MA. I also took the opportunity to spend some catch-up time with some people I respect and admire – Nafisa, a talented writer I met on the MA, and my MA-notetaker-turned-critical-reader, Saima. With both Saima and Nafisa, it was time well spent and I have to give a great deal of thanks for their support, friendship and encouragement. It was also well worth the face-to-face tutorial with the fantastic Anna Lawrence-Pietroni, though I have brought away a chapter that is absolutely covered with pink notes and comments.

But it was Kit de Waal’s talk that was the richly-decorated, marzipan-and-fondant icing on an otherwise very productive and inspiring 24 hours (we’ll forget the pain). Kit was talking about Flash Fiction as well as her writing process as a whole – 1.5 hours roughly split between the two. As she has won the Bridport Prize for Flash Fiction two years in a row, she is worth listening to.

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