The ending before?

It’s happened again: I’ve had to write the ending – the last scene or chapter – before I get there. Whilst I loosely plan out what’s needed, often rough out chapters and sections and use the Mythic Structure as an overall meta-structure, I occasionally write scenes out of sync with the rest of the flow. That’s fine – for me, it works. But I’m regularly writing the last scene way before I get there.

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Fun with editing

I’m going through a late edit of a supposedly finished book and receiving feedback from first readers. Once this is finished, I’ll send it out to fresh readers who have kindly offered to read through it for me.

The first readers have been really useful, honest and straightforward, not just marking up spelling or punctuation mistakes, noting differences between chapters. But it is the edit itself that has been the most interesting to note: a previously relatively minor character has come to the fore and insisted on taking a larger role.

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