What’s cooking?

It might be worth saying what’s under development, what’s in the kitchen so to speak.  Like many writers, ideas just stream from the imagination and thoughts of ‘there’s a book in that’ often come to mind.  However, as always, it’s not ideas but implementation that’s the real problem: the ideas need to be filtered and what’s being worked on must be brought into focus, onto the hob or into the oven. I keep the ideas in the spice rack; the sketched and outlined in the cupboards; the ‘back burners’ on the kitchen worktop; and what’s cooking at the moment either on the hob (having to pay attention to it -maximum four rings) or in the oven (it’s bubbling and will come out soon but I only pay intermittent attention to it).

There are too many spices so they are not listed below.  However, almost everything else is. Oh, the cupboards are a bit full, too, so not everything is list there either! 🙂

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Tools of the Trade

Over the past few months I’ve been setting things up so I can work properly on books, scripts, articles and such.  A major issue with scriptwriting is the very strict formatting, whether writing for radio or screen.  Course advice was extremely strong: use screenwriting software to ensure formatting compliance.  I’ve had a look at a number of tools recommended by the BCU screenwriting lecturer, Andy Conway, but the major issue was compatibility with Dragon’s NaturallySpeaking (Dragon). It’s not that there was a problem with Dragon, just that change of formatting options were all in special mouse-operated pop-ups that it was impossible to control with normal voice commands.  The only way to rectify it is via Dragon macros that were unsupported in my SFE-standard version of Dragon (SFE:Student Finance England through which I receive my Disabled Student Allowance (DSA)) (too many brackets!).

We’ll come back to that later.

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