The Chryseis Shard: Plaguespore

BatuBarayI’ve recently written a new serial and an accompanying short in preparation for Warlord Games’ new supplement, The Chryseis Shard. Once more, the series involves Batu and Baray, both key characters in The Chryseis Shard, and introduces readers to some of the capabilities of Batu’s annoying nano drone – now a sort of personal daemon.

I’ll update this post as more entries in the serial are added.

  • Plaguespore Part I – Batu is ordered to investigate the disturbing disappearance of a Concord colony
  • Plaguespore Part II – Further details are uncovered of a devastating new threat to the Concord: the Plaguespore
  • Plaguespore Part III – Batu and Baray uncover some sinister truths about the Plaguespore and suspect a military mind is behind it all
  • Plaguespore Part IV – The pair interrogate the colony survivors and travel to the surface to investigate
  • Plaguespore Part V – The plaguespoe attacks and Batu’s Shamasai Shard is forced to respond
  • A Heads Up – TBA

News that can’t be told…


It is fantastic when you’ve signed a contract for a book of whatever kind. I’m delighted, and looking forward to sharing the news and contents, but I can’t yet announce it due to necessary publishing constraints that I very much agree with.

It is associated with what’s one of my favourite genres, SF, but more news when the day comes… 🙂

Different books, different approaches

I’ve started another book this year, this time YA, but still SF. One of the things that stuck in my mind from last years helping out with the Summer Reading Challenge is just how much some of the younger readers loved the books they read – and what it was they liked about them.

It would be great, I hoped, if I could inspire that joy through a book.

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Signing: Shards in Exile

I’m delighted to have signed the contract for a full-length science fiction novel for the Beyond the Gates of Antares universe. The current working title is ‘Shards in Exile’, though that may change depending on how the publishers (Winged Hussar) best see fit.

It features two characters from the episodic novelette I’ve already had published: Freeborn Prince Batu Delhren and the isolated Ghar Commander, Shaltok 12-41-9. Both have to deal with Ghar and Freeborn political intrigue as well as the everyday problems faced by those in the Determinate, on the borders of civilised space. More? Batu has an uncomfortable encounter with an insane NuHu and a militaristic drone civilisation whilst Shaltok finds the more he succeeds the more he is perceived as a threat by those close to the Ghar Supreme Commander.

Both find that they only way they can survive in the tempestuous politics of the Antares Determinate is through exile…

Publication date? Next year, some time. Cover? None, yet – that below is just a holding image. I’ll produce updates as it progresses.


I am Cyborg

I never thought I’d be able to write that title. During my UG studies, I’d been fascinated by the Frankenstein, by the other, partially-not-human, and the bioethical considerations that arise from artificially modifying humans. And now, after cataract surgery, I find I am carrying round two implants that restore to me my lost vision.

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The Claiming of Shamasai

I’ve mentioned a few of these on the ‘Published’ section but it’s worth mentioning them again. The Claiming of Shamasai is an episodic novelette (ie a short novella) that’s been published by Warlord  over the last six months. It’s now at an end but it has been great fun to write. It tells the tale of two individuals, both of whom are outsiders to their own kind, and shows how both are forced to react to the discovery of a a new – and dangerous – planet. Continue reading