Writer Links

It is daunting to discover the quality and experience of writers on the MA Writing at BCU, never mind about the lecturers. From Poets Laureate to published authors to aspiring writers, all have abilities that are quite intimidating. Everyone seems to be in the same boat, though, thinking that everyone else is better!

Some of the students and staff have blogs or web pages and I think it is worth making sure readers of this blog are aware of them. As I find more, I’ll put them up. For now, though, try:

Nafisa Muhtadi – keeps a blog on tumblr. She is a talented screenwriter and I look forward to her producing more. Her blog contains inspirational quotes and important notes.

Nicky Tate – keeps a regular blog over on Facebook. This includes regular reflections on the MA at BCU and is an interesting read on the writing process in general.

Luke Fielding – is a talented writer and artist and also blogs from time to time. His site features some beautiful book covers and awesome artwork. One day I hope to read a fantasy book from him as I suspect his style may make it a good read for me.

Sheryl Browne – is another author on the MA who has a number of romantic novels published.

Andy Conway – is a lecturer at BCU and is a screenwriter and author. Is it too much to say that his advice changed my life? Probably not. 🙂

Dr Greg Leadbetter – is another of the impressive lecturers at the BCU School of English. He blogs rarely but is the director of the Institute of Creative and Critical Writing and is also director of the MA in Writing. Just don’t mention Coleridge. 😉

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