The mind fizzes…

2017 started off with a bang. I haven’t blogged on this site for a month or two, mainly because I’ve been busy on my other blog focused on the game Beyond the Gates of Antares as well as writing loads of articles. It hasn’t helped, of course, that I was tidying up another book following first reader feedback, finishing Shards in Exile (published sometime this year, hopefully), writing some short stories and also putting together a proposal for another project – for which the signs are hopeful!

That’s three novels finished in 2016, plus loads of articles, plus completing my MA. It’s an encouraging achievement.

champagnerain_thomashawkAt the start of 2017, I have to start on another novel and my mind has been fizzing with ideas and choices. What’s great, though, is that both the proposal and the new novel are warring in my imagination for prime time. Whilst I never have problems with ideas, I do have problems with focussing the ideas and staying on track but right now, both ideas are strong enough to stay up front: characterisation cascades; plotlines and meta-plots bubble and demand to be unleashed; voice and viewpoint is solidifying.

I’m having to put things down faster than I can type. It’s a case of embracing the worlds that are created, steppping into the situations and finally slipping into each character’s mind. Once there, events unfold faster than can be recounted as the people dominate my dreams. Perhaps it’s an indulgence, but it works.

I’ll give more progress when things are accepted and signed. For now, though, it’s worth sharing the feeling: the boiling of the creative cauldron leads to an inebriating excitement, one as encouraging in anticipation as what was actually achieved last year.

May your creative juices be just as fruitful and exciting in 2017. Feel free to share what you’re working on or how creativity happens to come to you.

[Featured Image: ‘Champagne Rain’ by Thomas Hawk,
Flickr, Creative Commons ]

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